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I know it’s the dead of winter, but I can’t stop thinking about spring.  My fashion soul mate ( – go visit her, she’s fab!) and I both agree that January is the worst month of the year… fashionably speaking.  All fashion magazines are thin as a pin, and all the stores look terrible and are full of last years unwanted messes.  Booo!!!  

So when I saw this dress (at Gap, of all places), I was inspired and dreaming once again of spring. 




The beauty of this dress is: 

a) it’s cheap – $59.50* plus 20% off 

b)  it’s classic 

c) and best of all, it’s reminiscent of Yves St. Laurent’s FAMOUS safari dress 

taken from French Vogue 1968, worn by model Verushchka


I’m thinking this will be a great transition piece to wear into spring.  

Now – wear with blazer, tights, ankle boots 

Later – wear with strappy chunky spring heels and layer on the gold jewelry 

 Mood – Spring Fling
Song – “Surfin Safari”  by the Beach Boys
*20%  if you enter GAPNEW20 at checkout – offer expires 1/10












Dear Mr. Ford,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

You, like your designs, are positively gorgeous with a touch of sophistication.  

You, like myself , were born in the great state of Texas 🙂 

You single-handedly transformed Gucci from a bankrupt company to the top luxury clothing and leather design house in the world.  Back in ’90, Gucci hired you even though you were relatively unknown. Two years later you took over the director’s position and were over ready-to-wear, fragrances, advertising and store design.  By ’96, Gucci’s profits were up 90%!  

Then you went on to design for YSL, catapulting the design house back into the mainstream.  But then in ’04, you left us women for menswear.  What a sad and lonely time in fashion history…

Now a ray of light shines down from the fashion gods…according to, you are returning to women’s wear.

A brief pause for reflection…


Pardon moi…

By fall of 2010, my eyes may once again stare at the beauty that is a Tom Ford design.   So I thank you, Tom Ford, again for your brilliant and sensual designs, and for breathing fresh air into the fabulous but wounded Gucci brand.  Enclosed are my favorite designs from your past and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store.




(all images taken from my Tom Ford book)