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This morning I was looking over today’s Gilt sales. If you’re not familiar with Gilt let me explain.  Gilt is the greatest shopping site EVER!  Every day around 11am CT  they have sales for DESIGNER clothing, shoes, jewelry, menswear, childrens, home stuff, and even vacations.  Up to 70% off!!  It’s a fashionista’s dream come true!!

Anywhoooo, it’s 11:00, and I’m checking Gilt.   Under Jetsetter (the vacation site)  I see the Banyan Tree Mayakoba hotel.  It’s like going to Phuket, only you don’t have a 14-hour+ flight. And it’s conveniently located 30 minutes away from the Cancun airport. 

OOOoooh I need a vay-cay…

The entrance

The resort features 54 Villas; each with their own pool.

 The Spa

While I’m dreaming of Mexico, I must plan my attire… 

Bikini and coverup – check! 

Being the girly-girl I am, I’m a sucker for anything with ruffles 🙂  Shoshanna

I’m l-o-v-i-n-g this cover up!   J. Crew

If you would like to join Gilt Group, click on the link to accept my invitation.

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I must say the set designers who work on Gossip Girl are amazing.  I love to watch the show more than once to catch their eye for detail.  And being a Texas girl myself, I happen to love the Prada Marfa painting at the Bass-Humphrey residence.

Oooh, wouldn’t you just die for this apartment!!!

Most people don’t know the story behind this fabulous Prada sign.  There is a tiny town in southwest Texas called Marfa, population 2,000.  Marfa is known for being where the films No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood were shot.

When most people think of Prada, they don’t think of west Texas, until they see this:










Imagine… you’re driving down a dusty desert highway, and in front of you, you see a mirage.  Even better than a desert oasis, it’s a magical Prada store that seems to be open just for you!

The “store” is a permanent art installation designed and built by Scandinavian artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset in 2005.  The shoes and bags are actual Prada items from the Fall 2005 collection.  FYI, this installation is under video surveillance, so try to fight the urge to break in!

But the good news is you CAN purchase the Prada Marfa sign through the Art Production Fund.











As we all know, I love fashion.  And as we all know, I love to travel.  So, combine the two and I’m in complete and utter heaven!  Miss0ni has recently branched out into hotels, and I’m dying to stay in one of their stylish palaces. 

Imagine… you could start your trip with a happy hour in the bar surrounded by Missoni, then you could eat dinner at Cucina surrounded by Missoni, then as you retire upstairs you will sleep surrounded by Missoni, and then when you wake up from your beautiful Missoni coma you could have breakfast in bed wrapped up in a Missoni robe. 

Oooh, Dolls, doesn’t that sound divine!  These pics are from the Edinburgh Hotel, but they will also be opening the following locations: Kuwait spring 2010, Capetown 2010, Brazil 2012, Oman 2012.  Now the only problem is getting my bum to Scotland and trying not to steal the towels 🙂

missoni 1
























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