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I’m soooo excited for the new Alice in Wonderland movie!  If you haven’t seen the preview yet, check it out!

My nickname in kindergarten was Alice in Wonderland, so the story brings back fond memories.  Seeing the trailer also reminds me of the FABULOUS spread that Vogue did back in ’03.  Shot by the talented Annie Leibovitz, I love how she incorporated the fantasy of the story with the designers who created those gorgeous gowns.

Nicolas Ghesquiere

Tom Ford

Olivier Theyskins

Marc Jacobs

Jean Paul Gaultier

Viktor & Rolf

Stephen Jones and Christian Lacroix

Karl Lagerfeld

John Galliano and Alexis Roche

Donatella Versace and Rupert Everett


The ladies are back!!!!!!!

Too bad we have to wait until May 28th…

My true love gave to meeeee,

A pair of Kenneth Jay Lane earrings!!

Mr. Lane makes the most beautiful and loved costume jewelry.  These earrings are truly reminiscent of the pair Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars.  And would bring out my green eyes…


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I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a bit of a crush on Tom Ford…

Recently he has ventured out into filmmaking.  A Single Man is his first feature film.

I’m so excited to see it!  Below is the synopsis:

A British college professor (Colin Firth) struggles to find meaning to his life after the death of his long time partner. The story is a romantic tale of love interrupted, the isolation that is an inherent part of the human condition, and ultimately the importance of the seemingly smaller moments in life.

The movie looks absolutely beautiful. Since it’s set in the 60s I’m sure I’m going to want all the clothing and jewelry!!!  Doesn’t Juliane Moore look fab!

The trailer features a trademark of Tom Ford’s.  Make sure and to pay attention to the little girl tapping her foot.

Reminds of this Gucci ad from ’98.

Also make sure to check out V Magazine for an article on Tom Ford and the movie.

My true love gave to meeeee,

The “You Know You Want It” book from Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman.

Since I have to wait until next year for a new episode of Gossip Girl, I’ll have to get my fix through literature. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!  It’s a great gift for the Gossip Girl fanatic in your life, and its under $30.  XOXO

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Ooh Lady GaGa… I love how you push the envelope. But add McQueen and there goes my head!

Who else would debut their new song at a fashion show???

And of course she wears McQueen’s finale piece, in her own video.

I must have those 10 inch heels!!!!

If you watched her video you just witness product placement for the following: McQueen, Carrera sunglasses, Heartbeats earphones

Gotta love art in advertising…

At the moment I’m coveting this McQueen clutch












One never knows when one will need a set of jeweled brass knuckles!


Also L-O-V-I-N-G these McQueen inspired shoes by LAMB











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I must say the set designers who work on Gossip Girl are amazing.  I love to watch the show more than once to catch their eye for detail.  And being a Texas girl myself, I happen to love the Prada Marfa painting at the Bass-Humphrey residence.

Oooh, wouldn’t you just die for this apartment!!!

Most people don’t know the story behind this fabulous Prada sign.  There is a tiny town in southwest Texas called Marfa, population 2,000.  Marfa is known for being where the films No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood were shot.

When most people think of Prada, they don’t think of west Texas, until they see this:










Imagine… you’re driving down a dusty desert highway, and in front of you, you see a mirage.  Even better than a desert oasis, it’s a magical Prada store that seems to be open just for you!

The “store” is a permanent art installation designed and built by Scandinavian artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset in 2005.  The shoes and bags are actual Prada items from the Fall 2005 collection.  FYI, this installation is under video surveillance, so try to fight the urge to break in!

But the good news is you CAN purchase the Prada Marfa sign through the Art Production Fund.











Did you watch Mad Men last night????  If not ignore the next sentence.


Pardon.  Now back your regularly scheduled fashion blog.  Now that Mad Men is over, I don’t know what I’m going to obsess about!  In honor of last night’s season finale, I’m dedicating today’s entry to Betty Draper —  a woman whose prim and proper Stepford appearance is only masking deep-seated issues of control and lust (though not necessarily in that order).  So here’s to you Betty!!  And in her honor, here are some Draper-style garments I would be happy to wear! 

Oh, and makes sure to go to to make yourself a Mad Men character.











Here’s little ole me.  Notice my trademark messy bun, vintage fur, and cocktail in hand.  Now where are my bunny ears???











Marc by Marc Jacobs (a modern take on Betty’s scarves)











Juicy Couture (pearls are necessary)











Anthropology (a bold pattern is a must)











Marc by Marc Jacobs (Betty has lots of plaid)





J. Crew (How many cardigans do you think Betty owns?)









Milly (a camel jacket is classic Betty!)


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OK Ladies, were you loving GG last night as much as I was???  Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about Serena’s dress.  Who made it, how much, how fast can it be on my doorstep???

gg serena









(pic from

After some intense research (,  I found out it was made by Nanette Lepore and is available at Revolve  I’m thinking the black dress with black leggings would be perfect for a night out with the girls!  Now where is my credit card…



And unfortunately not downtown.  I’m currently stuck in bed with a bad back at the moment.   Probably no posts today, unless the muscle relaxers inspire me to write something… which could lead to some fun reading!  So I’ll leave you with a pic of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in the new Alice in Wonderland.  Helena’s hubby Tim Burton is directing the new flick, and I thought that this would perfectly tie in to the “trippy” theme that my day has now turned into.


And for Halloween I’m thinking…


So cute!!!!!


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