As we all know, I love fashion.  And as we all know, I love to travel.  So, combine the two and I’m in complete and utter heaven!  Miss0ni has recently branched out into hotels, and I’m dying to stay in one of their stylish palaces. 

Imagine… you could start your trip with a happy hour in the bar surrounded by Missoni, then you could eat dinner at Cucina surrounded by Missoni, then as you retire upstairs you will sleep surrounded by Missoni, and then when you wake up from your beautiful Missoni coma you could have breakfast in bed wrapped up in a Missoni robe. 

Oooh, Dolls, doesn’t that sound divine!  These pics are from the Edinburgh Hotel, but they will also be opening the following locations: Kuwait spring 2010, Capetown 2010, Brazil 2012, Oman 2012.  Now the only problem is getting my bum to Scotland and trying not to steal the towels 🙂

missoni 1
























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